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but it was clearly sounded like distress so i called 911. and i was actually put on hold. but the operator said that there were other calls coming in. >> reporter: by t time fe companies got to the scene, they were facing a smoky inferno in this two-story townhouse. luckily fire officials would later learn that three children got out of the burning house before the first fire engines arrived. and made over the a neighbor's. >> the kids jumped out of he second story window and the mom threw out the baby of the second story window to the uncle. the other two didn't make it out with the mom. > reporter: the 2-month-old little girl was medevaced to the hospital. the other survivors were transported for treatment of nonlife threatening injuries. but their mother and two brothers died in this fire. >> we did have firefighters that threw ladders to the second floor. and we did take a couple of
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bodies out of the top floor in the townhouse. >> what ishe cause of the blaze? >> we don't know yet. investigators are just now getting into the structure. >> reporter: a neighbor said the family had no power in their townhouse the past two days. stace wood is a close friend of the family. >> i think it might have be maybe they fell asleep with candl list or something. >> how do you know that? >> because i was with her last night. and i took her to the store to buy candles because they didn't have electricity. >> reporter: no electricity for two days. the ther bought candles last night. fire investigators will not confirm that this is an official lead but say they will take it into consideration along with all the other leads that may help them determine the causes of tod's fire. we're live tonight in lorton, virginia. back to you in the studio. >> chris gordon, thank you, chris.
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severe storm are rolling through parts of our area this evening. >> let's get straight to doug kammerer who is tracking the storm. >> the biggest storm out there earlier is now out of there. the good news is we are going to continue to see these me their way through parts of the area over the nex couple of hours. let's take a look and show you what's happening across the region. we saw one big storm earlier towa toward loudoun county. it is very, very weak. the only severe storm we have the s down toward madison green and orange counties. that continues to make its way toward the east. maybe some hail and winds. let's zoom in on that storm system that was right around the district. five minutes ago, there was still some rain left. it is all gone now. that's very good news. a we widen out,still more toward pennsylvania. and we'r expecting these to continue to make their way on down to the south and east. the entire area, under a 73 thunderstorm watch until 10:00 tonight. we'll continue to watch it for
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you right here. 94 degrees currently right now in the district. 91 in manassas. la plata, around 91. through the evenng tonight, you may see a rumble of thunder or two. isolated to scattered at best. not everybody trying to e these storms. temperature falling to 69 degrees by 7:00 a.m. my full forecast coming up. >> thank you. a black hawkelicopter crash in southern afghanistan has claimed the life of a man from our area. brendan, a former silver spring resident, was one of ne u.s. military officials killed in the crash. he graduated from the naval academy in 2004 where he played lacrosse. he also played footballand baseball for dematha in hyattsville before grad waiting there in 1999. official have not disclosed the helicopter's mission. no word t on the cause of the crash either. more detail about a tragic accident that kill a cyclist in prince george's county
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a woman riding her bike was run over by an suv early sunday morning. it happened at the intersection of landover road and campus way in largo near prince george's community college. pat collin is live at the scene with developments. >> reporter: in this case, answers lead to more questions. how can you drive an suv, hit a woman on a bicycle, have the bicycle wedgedeneath that vehicle, keep on driving and not know you hit someone until you get home? >> the closer that i got, the more that i noticed, i was like, oh, wow. it is a body laying in the road. as soon as i realized it was a body, i also noticed the suv. >> reporter: that's crystal hayes. she is here in the dark hours sunday morning. she saw that cadillac escalade on the scene. >> i could tell that the suv was involved. they were throwing down.
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i saw spark coming from underneath the back of the suv. a lot of sparks. so i slod down some. they connued to drive up 202. and the suv began to pull over to the right. i didn't want them to notice me noticing them. so i continued to drive past the suv. i saw smoke coming from the front of the suv. >> reporter: it happened around 5:00 a.m. on route 202 near campus way. 22-year-old natasha pettygrew was riding her bike. the woman said she thought she hit a deer or a d and didn't realize she hit someone until she got home and saw the bike wedged beneath her truck. the driver did call to report the know. this doesn't make any sense. when ar people going to start caring about human life? if you think you hit a deer, pull over and see. if you think you hitomething and you don't know, then the gas
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station near, a biglaza right there. plenty of safety, plenty of light. pull over, inspect. >> reporter: back at the scene today, john and the friend of the victim, picking up bike parts. wondering how all this came about. >> this is not a way anybody should die original the side of the road. on the side of the ad. >> reporter: this caseis still under investigation. so far, no charge have been filed. >> thanks, pat. two teens were seriously injured while reportedly racing another car in beltsville ts morning. here's video from chopper 4. one person was thrown from the car. the other was trapped. both are expected to survive. investigators stay driver lost control on the curve, crossed the center line, and hit a car in oncoming traffic. the car they were racing sped off. a northwest washington neighborhood is up in arms
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tonight after a controversial plan to build two large homes moves ahead. opponents have labeled the new homes, mcmansions and they're waging a legal fight now to keep them out. it may be too late. jane watrel has more from woodley park. it is a neighbor that lives up to its name. it is full of mature, tall trees. when a developer started chopping down three of them ts morning, neighbors gather in the disbelief. >> these are three story tall trees and they're gone forever. it will take hundreds of years to replace them. >> reporter: since april, neighbors have been waging a public battle. zuckerman partners bought the land which was split into two lots and plans to delish the house, replacing it with two large 5,000 square foot home. each of the houses will have six and seven bedrooms, elevators work the car garages and will be totally out of keeping with
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these modest three or four bedroom home that are in woodley park. >> reporter: neighbors acused the developer and d.c. government of keepinghem in the dark about the redevelopment plan. a lawyer for the developer says an august 20th ruling in d.c. superor court found that the developer does not have to notify the neighborhood if he plans to sub divide the property. and the developer is well within his rights to clear the ld. neighbors have also tried to halt the development by appealing a zoning decision and the use of public sidewalk space. but a spokesman for the ago that issued the permit said the developer is authorized to clear the trees, raise the structure and construct the houses. d.c. has no authority to hal the owner. we think th vlates many thing including neighborhood character, population density. they said the opposite. >> reporter: meanwhile the land the being raze asked trees taken down.
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the developer paid an $11,000 fee to the district's tree fund. in northwest, jane watrel, news4. >> the zoning appeal will take place october 5. construction crews may soon take over the area surrounding maryland's n carrollton metro staying. the state and transit ration partnering to boost business. they're calling on a developer to turn 35 acre surrounding the subway stop into home, shops and businesses. new carrollton is the first of 14 maryland metro stations slated for develop many. the speculation about the future of the d.c. school's chance lore michelle rhe may soon be over. she is scheduled to meet with the mayoral nominee vincent gray tomorrow. the "washington post" reports the meeting will take place at noon at gray's office. rhee has come under fire for firing teachers and prinples in the district. gray has said he will continue
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to pursue aggressive education reform and that may or may not include rhee. when we come back, her belonging scattered on the sidewalk for several city blocks. how strangers stepped in to off their support free have charge. it's a major construction project. it has turned into a major nightmareor neighbors who say they've been forced out of their home and into hotels because of noise and debris. and stressed and depressed. many turn to the gym. but researchers say working out can be dangerously addictive.
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investigators are trying to find out the cause of a fire at killed a mother and her two kids. the blaze broke out this morning at a townhouse in lort object. three other children and an adult survive the child but are being treated for burns now. two teens were seriously injured while racing in beltsville. police tell us the driver lost control on a curve and hit an oncong car. both 17-year-olds involved in the crash are recovering in the hospital tonight. >> construction cre are tearing down trees in one.c. neighborhood d not everyone is happy to see them go. residents here in woodley park have been waging a public battle against zuckerman partners in the d.c. government sin april.
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then they were kept in the dark about plan to knock down trees and a house. a spokesman for the agenc that issues the permit tha everyone played by the rule. so what is the latest on the little stormy weather we've had? >> y used a good term, little stormy weather. most of us have not seen it. we saw a good storm come through loudoun county. it made its way through into maryland but the severe weather for the most part is out of our hair exempt for one storm to the south. let's look at digital doppler radar and show you wre we're looking. across the city, we e clear for the moment. we do have a few clouds out there. the sun continue to warm us up. there is one storm right now. again, that is down to the south of our area. down south to culpeper. into orange county. that is making its way toward the east but really mo south of east. it will be out of the area coming up over the next hour or. so it may even die out like the previous storms did. there is a wider view here. that wider view does show the fact that we are seeing some of
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those storms to the north. up here toward altoona, into pennsylvania. that is a second line. i'll show you that line. that's why we have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 10:00 tonight. that is the area in pink. new york, philadelphia, washington, all under the severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00. this is line number one. kind of falling apart right now. and then line number two back toward the west which does have a history of severe weather. if these are able to make their w far enough south, the best chance for more severe weather would be to north of the district but we'll continue to keep our eyes on it. i don't think it will be too bad over the next couple hours. a pret nice day out there. if you like it hot. 94 degrees on this last day of summer. last afternoon of summer. summer officially ends tonight at 11:09. dew point only around 64 degrees. that's putting a little humidity out there. 90 in sterling. in la plata. 93 in cincinatti. 96 in memphis. the very hot air will make its way to the north and east as the frontaloundary makes its way
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to the south and impeachment will allow us to be very hot during the next couple days. temperature in the 90s sily tomorrow and then again into the day friday. this evening, a few late evening thunderstorm. most of us should be on the dry side. tomorrow morning when you wake up and he out the door, maybe a ttle fog. 61 to 69. as we make our way through the day, temperature still 88 to 93 degrees. more summer heat. even though tomorrow will be the first day of fall and iday, that's the warm day. a high of 95 degrees. cooling off for the week. >> thank you. stayg fit sometimes can go too far. people who work out excessively are now being called jim-arexic. you might be surprised who we're talking about. >> we're talking about more and more men taking their workouts to the extreme. dawn timmoney explains how staying in shape has become an addiction for some. >> reporter: nothing beats a good work youxt you burn some calories, you burn off some steam. you feel better, youleep
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better. more and more men are pushing their workouts to the extreme. >> two hours a day. >> i like to be in shape, you know. keep training and training. i think i am. i'm a slave to the scale. every day i don't get to the gym, i'm thinking to myself, that's that many more calies i didn't burn and therefore that many more calories i can't eat. >> reporter: carlos bradley is a personal trainer at the aquatic and fitness center. he sees a lot of of guys sblip this exercise compulsion. >> they're an overachiever already themselves want to do and keep working. they figure more is better. more is not always better. >> reporr: exercise dependency is a relatively new disoefrl it is brought on by a couple of thing. the spread of the fitness club cuture and the increasing pressure on young men to be both lean and muscular. he says part of it relates to control and part is physical.
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>> when you exercise, physiologically, endorphins really kick in. if your body is used to producing those endorphins da after day and you miss a derrek your body feel like it is hungry. it is missing something. >> reporter: as a result, you keep coming bck for more. how do you know if you crossed thline from being fit to being obsessed? >> if it is affecting an important part of your life because you're missing work. it is affecting time with your retionships, that's the key point to indicate, this is going too far. >> reporter: the key is to find balance. eric martinso said he has no problem stepping off the treadmill. >> just to be in good physical shape. if you miss a day or two, it is not the end of the world. >> i don't want to be addicted anything. >> reporter: no question, exercise is good for your health as long as you exercise some control, too. >> of course a lot of us suffer from the opposite problem.
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still ahead, they had precious cargo on board but that didn't stop two mothers from fighting on a city bus. a strange citation. you'll be asked to do a downward dog and pay a fine if you get pulled over in this city. we'll tell youhow one elementary school is using dgs as a teaching tool to help kids arn to read. hey, ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas?
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capital one bank. they're everywhere. ♪ yeah, you're right! [ horns honking ] hey, there's one right up the street. [ male announcer ] capital one bank. the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? ove, go long! what's in your wallet? right here in this neighboood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have
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the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we musdo even better. four yea ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for thlast four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides th corporate executives again and again and again
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tell bob ehrlich big banks a billionares don't need help. middle cde do. two mothers duke it out on a bus. traffic tickets in one town incde yoga poses and instructions to relax. and a woman monitoring could not tracks on her ipad realizes she is out of timend delivers right at home. all stories that make you say what? transit officials in san antonio, texas, have released this new code of conductor bus passenger. here's part of the reason why. this video sows two women as
5:23 pm
they start fighting each other. both while they had babies on board. the woman who took the first swing had the baby strapped to her chest. it illustrates the kind of safety issues it is trying to address. a boston suburbs trying to soften the blow of getting a ticket through yoga. parking tickets in cambridge now come with instructions on how to mole your body into positions like the downward dog. the city is distributing about 40,000 informational tickets as part of a public art project. but those who break the rule still get slapped with fines. i'm still saying what oh that one. a pregnant woman's ipad let her know her baby was coming, like it o apparently there is an app for that. she received the ipad ironically as a mother's day gift. she was usingo it monitor her could not tracks and realized her baby came three week early. her husband and attorney helped deliver the little one right in the living room floor. paramedics will got there just
5:24 pm
in time to help out with the delivery. up next on news4 at 5:00, help for a woman suddenly left homeless. how the community stepped in to help after seeing our report this morning. the first segment of the intercounty connector is almost ready to open in montgomery county. some residents say it hasn't been worth the headache. i'm aaron gilchrist with that story coming u some call it a ricky prescription. night new allegations. the makers behind the birth control patch knew about the dangers of the drug but put it on the market anyway
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natasha pettygrew was hit while riding her bike. a witness said she saw sparks and smoke coming from that suv, then moments later, spotted a body in the road. the driver of the suv told police, sheidn't know she had hit anyone until she got home and saw the bike wedged beneath her truck.
5:28 pm
we may soon know if michelle rhee will continueto run d.c. schools. she is scheduled to meet with democratic mayoral nominee vincent gray tomorrow. the "whington post" reports the meeting will take place at noon in gray's office at the wilson building. major development is slated for 39 acres surroundinghe new carrollton metro station. the transit agency in maryland wants to create new residential business there. they're hoping to sign on a developer to map out their plan by the endf the year. a couple storm o there but not too many. we are una thunderstorm watch. right now the only storm is toward orange county making its way toward the ea. until 10:15, that just expired. making its way toward loudoun county. what are we seeing? temperatures 94 degrees. a very hot afternoon out there.
5:29 pm
most of us should be on the dry side. we'll continue to keep our eyes on it. >> anks, doug. things looked very bleak this morning for a d.c. woman named eloisa diaz. she was evicted from her home last night. >> her belongings were out on the street covering several city blocks. now the future look a whole lot brighter thks to an outpouring of support in the community. trae wilkins has her story. >> reporter: it seem like a hopeless situation. her belongings spread four to five blocks after she was evicted yesterday morning. she had until0:00 a.m. today before trash trucking came to take it to the dump. >> i do not have a job. i tried to get a little here, a little there. it is not a regular eight-hour work. after july, i just don't have nothing at all. >> then a phone call from a
5:30 pm
news4 viewer started to turn thing around. >> hole on for one second. i'm going to put her on the phone with you. okay? okay. >> reporter: they sent crews to pack and mov eloisa's possessions for free. >> pack it up as fast as we can and get it out of here. >> reporter: they will store them for free for a mth. >> so much has change since our conversationhis morning. >> yes. it is a blessing. i'm feeling happy and relieved, the stress. now 100% big change. >> reporter: the kindness of strangers didn'tend there. she now has a job thanks to a man who saw her story on television and the city is stepping in with counseling and services. >> every situation is complex and emotional but when it ppens on this scale, it is obviously multiplied many time over. >> reporter: as for people who
5:31 pm
live in thiscommunity,hey're worried as they are replaced with hope. >> there must be something going on. one day you're out. fm the jaws of defeat, you grant victory, you know? >> reporter: tracee wilkins, news4, washington. >> she came to the u.s. from coenient venezuela. a she's been living here 23 years. pack your patience if you plan to use i-270 in the gaithersburg area. maryland highway official are shuttin down the southbound lanes, south of exit 10 early friday morning. they will be shut down sometime friday. this is taking place so crews can install a sign for the intercounty connector project which will link i-270. wle it could cause temporary headache for you if you commute that way, the overall work has been even more of a headache for the folks who live near the construction zone.
5:32 pm
>> it was 2007 when work start on the intercounty connector road. the good news is that part of is it almost ready to open. the bad news has been the sleepless nights and destroyed property some residents say they've will to cope with. >> they actually paid us for three years discomfort. >> reporter: 39 years she's lived there but she said the last three years have been a real headache. she's gone from havi a rustic backyard to having a gigantic sound wall. all the windows rattle. >> reporter: she is among many maryland residents watching the intercounty connector being built near their home. construction equipment is constantly on the move in the first section taken with 370 and georgia avenue. >> if we get lot of rain and
5:33 pm
eary ons of win, it could slip into early 2011. right now we're hoping to get it, that first gment at the end of the candar year. >> reporter: it is a $2 billion toll road that will stretch 18 mile and connect 270 and gaithersburg to laurel. the state expects to detect business areas in both corridors. the first seven mile streh has about 15% of the work lefto be done. >> reporter: a lot of that work is just paving andtriping and some of the signage. >> reporter: the official interrogatory headache this has caused. they try to keep residents step ahead of the work themselves even put residents in hotels when it go through the nigh >> just like now, sometime a little louder. whenthey run that compactor, e whole house shakes. >> reporter: ruth that that all the commotion and the land she can no longer use, the connector isn't worth it.
5:34 pm
she said it has taken a big chunk out of her property values. it is expected to be completely open by 2012. >> thanks, aaron. now to a story that we brought you at the top of the hour, a former football player is among those killed in afghanistan. >> live in verdale, where the victim's former team is practicing. >> he spent a lot of time on this practice feel behind me in the late 1990s. he was a standout wide receiver and defensive back as you mentioned. he also played baseball here as well. and by all attempts, based over one we talked to here, he was a superstar of an athlete. when he graduated from dematha, he went to annapolis where just ike his two brothers, he played lacrosse. and graduated from the academy in 2004. he became part of one of the
5:35 pm
navy's most elite groups shortly there after. he was a navy seal. he was aboard that black hawk helicopter in southern afghanistan wen it went down. at this point the u.s. government saying it was an know. in all, nine service members died. a few moments ago. his high school football coach will me how hfound out what had happened. >> my wife called at least five time and she was on the phone crying like a baby. it was hard to understand what she was saying. she said brendan was kill in the helicopter crash in afghanistan. it is like an empty feeling come all over you and then i went around and talked to the aches, nobody could believe it. >> reporter: back live here. coach macgregor told me this afternoon, he was playing with the team early october to give an inspirational speech before a big rivalry game.
5:36 pm
we're will this afterno, his parents were at dover air force base in delaware where they greeted their sons. >> heart breaking news. tha you. still ahead, on news4 at 5:00. man's best friend is helping kids in the classroom. how dogs are getting students the confidence they need to learn to read. plus an emotional tribute. a world war ii veteran at dulles international airport. you're watching news4 at 5:00 live in hd. we're coming right back.
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wednesday's child is hong to find a permanent home. she is a 12-year-old girl sue who have is bright and creative. >> we invited her to spend a little time with a singing coach. >> hello! >> ashley, howre you? >> great. >> i'm so glad to me you. >> she will us she likes to sing so we suggested spending some time together at a very popular place for kids to take music
5:40 pm
lessons. naya, the director of the bethesda location, welcomed us. >> we're all ready. got our vocal instructor and we're going to have a great time. >> at 12 years old, she was more than just excited about being here. >> have you ever had voice lessons before? >> no. >> not at all? >> never in my life. >> she said she was ready for her first lesson. carly said they would start with a warm-up. >> she has been in foster care for the last eight years and she came with her siblings due to abuse. she has unfortunately had several moves. she is a very resilient yong lady. she is very ergetic, as you can see. she enjoys singing, dancing, and performance art. >> ashley proved to be terrific student. >> she does very well in school. she is a straight a student. >> what do you think you would like to be when you grow up?
5:41 pm
>> many thin >> tell me some of them. >> a poet. a dancer, a singer and a lawyer. >> she's had several disruptions in her life. she is ready, she is committed to finding afamily who will love her for who she is. >> i would love to have a family that loves me and cares for me. who will love me for who i am. >> the folk here have some surprises for ashley. >> also, three months of free lessons. >> wow! congratulations! >> thk you! >> barbara harrison, news4, for wednesdays chil >> a star is born. if you have room in your home for ashley or for any of our wednesday's children, pleas call our adoption hotline. the number is woot-888-2 adopt
5:42 pm
me. >> a lot of talent and big dreams, too. >> quite charming. up next, a story you won't want to miss. the emotional tribute to the men and womenho risked their lives for our freedom. >> and the sportscast defenseman jeff schultz joins dan live in the studio to talk about e
5:43 pm
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5:45 pm
we're still under that severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 tonight. not a whole lot going on. let's take a look at live digital doppler radar. you can see the showers down across portions of orange county. another one into madison county. those in orange moving into spotsylvania county. and they'll continue to actually die out over the next hr or so. more back to the north and west. those will continue to watch. 90 degrees, 94 in the district. you can expect over the next couple days. hot again tomorrow and friday. look at friday. a high near 95 degrees. cooler at the edge intthe weekend. >> thanks, doug. american veterans are honored here in the nation's cam with various memorials. >> but there are vetera out there who have never seen them.
5:46 pm
for the past five years, an organization has been making drms come true by flying them into see the world war ii memorial. john schriffen was there for the emotional landing at dulles. as veterans from a over the country step off their planes and rolled into d.c., they were greeted with the hero's welcome. >> have a wonderfu day. >> volunteers continue the tradition of making dream come true for those who fought for this nation's freedom during world war ii. >> i thought people had forgotten world war ii. every week they provide free food and transportation for hundred of veterans to tour the world war ii memorial. for many, it will be their first time. >> i remember the vietnam era. and these poor fellows came
5:47 pm
home. not to a warm welcome. and this is just, it just is overwhelming. and i know how much it means to these gentlemen, too. >> it has been more than 60 years since the end of world war ii and many of the veterans are ow in their late 80s. their memories of the war are still fresh. >> the sirens would go off and you would head to the woods. >> th are the lucky one who made it out alive. now they will see america's tribute to them. >> have a wonderful day today. john schriffen, news4. such a wonderful program. so many stories and such emotion. coming up at 6:00, their one day experience is ju gting started. john is going to bring us the second part as these veterans experience the memorial. and right now, we're going to experience a little sports.
5:48 pm
>> that's right. dan is here with the defenseman, jeff schultz. >> the sports experience. i like that. opening up the preseas in columbus tonight. that means the regular season just over two weeks away. and this is a huge season for the capitals. they have nearly everyone back from the highest scoring team in the nhl including jeff schultz who got a new four-year, $11 million extension. he is just hanging out. what is that like when you get that type of security? does it make it easier to focus on hockey? or harder? >> it makes it a lot easier, you know. going into camp this year. a little more relaxed. you're not thinking about how you're playing each game and worrying about what the coaches are thinking and stuff like that. >> they must be wondering, some of the people in our viewing audience, what you're doing here if you have a preseason game. it is a little different than, say, the nfl where even if the gu aren't playing, they're on the road. there are a lot of guys who
5:49 pm
aren't making this trip, correct? >> yeah. usually just the guys playing will travel and play. where the rest of us stay back and practice. and then usually when the games are at home, everybody has to go and at least watch the game. >> now this is the second year in a row where the expectations for you guys is absolutely through the roof. how does bruce fake in training camp? does he address that head on in terms of talking about where you want to be in the playoffs. >>? yeah. heigures that every year you want to get better. and with having such a great year last year, the bar is set real high. and we want to either be ba at that spot or exceed that. >> in terms of the regular season, you are the highest scoring team in hockey you have th best record in hockey. you were the number one seed going into the playoffs. i'm curious, because it didn't go well in the playoffs for you, has bruce change anything in terms of appach from this year to last year?
5:50 pm
>> not really. i'm sure everybody has kind of a bad tas in their mouth still. but bruce want to us get better. and we're going to really play like we did last year. and all the regular season so long, once playoffs do come, we're going to bear down that much more. >> you were the number one seed. you had a 3-1 lead on montreal. everybody remembers the excitement levls during that series. during the regular season for you guys. and obviously, when they come back to beat you, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. as a player, is that something that you talk about with your teammates on a regular basis? because it is still so, you can still taste it. >> you know, it has happened and it is in the past. we try to forget about that. anything can happen in playoffs and you have to realize that. when you have the chance, you have a team down, you have to finish them off. >> everybody know you. everybody knows mike green.
5:51 pm
another talented defenseman who should have been an all-star and will at some point, like i'm sureou yourself will be. you're getting some help from some youngguys, too. what will that mean to the defensive core for you guys to have that help? >> it's great. john carlson, they're coming in. people have seen them play and they know what they can bring to this team. and us older guys here are there to help them. and work together as a tandem back there. >> all right. speaking of young guys, your goalie situation is gone. you have michael, you have a pair of 22-year-olds. tell me how they're different. >> they're a lot more similar than they are different. their play is very similar. but i think just the way they approach the game is a little bit different. where varly a lot more kind of intense and focused.
5:52 pm
where he is a lot more laid back and goes on as the game ges on. >> talking about the two young goalies. the capitals defenseman opening up the season tonight. the regular scene around the corner. >> guys, back to you. >> all right. thank you. still ahead, he's not your typical teacher's aide. >> no, dogs ar going to the head of the class to help kids read.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
some importan news for your health. nbc news has learned that johnson & johnson may have known years ago about the deadly risks of its birth control patch. the patch was a big hit when it hit the market back in 2002. internal documents obtain by nbc said itas 12 time more likely to cause stroke and 18 time more likely to cause blood clots than regular birth control pills. the patch is still available by prescription. the fda is now considering the request to pull it off the market. meanwhile, the results of a norwegian study may argue over whether mammograms save women's lives. researcher were trying to analyze the impact of a national screening program implemented there in norway themselves found a 10% reduction in death rates among women who received
5:56 pm
mammograms versus women who hadn't. further analysis shows improvements in breast cancer treatment contribute to the lower death rate. full results are record in the "new england journal of medicine." this sunday we kick off a series of reports on education nation. it will explore, taking an in-depth look at what's working and what's not. >> one program that seem to be getting youngsters a new leash on learning, uses therapy dog to help children become better readers. >> reporter: the unique proach to learning has children barking with joy. sure, they teach books and lessons but they also incorporate man's best friend in a program called r-e-a-d. or reading education assistce dog. >> if you're a hesitant reader, just learning to read, tt you read slowly, they're just there for your support.
5:57 pm
>> the best is that he sits by me. >> reporter: the teacher brought the concpt of using canin as teaching aides six years ago. tend pooches have all gone through special training to make them official therapy or service dogs. >> it started when we had them come back to us, they returned from that program but they still needed something to do. >> boy, did they ever find something to do. they take class together, learning side by side. in this case, tail by tail. >> they groom them. they clean up after them r it is nice to have an animal in the classroom. a lot of them don't have pe. it just allows them to have a -- >> reporter: the teachers here say dogs like cruiser help the kids with much more than just reading. >> you ask anyone who haseen around these dogs.
5:58 pm
they seem to pick out the kids that need them that day. they don question it. they just let it happen. >> they love them no matter what. if they have a bad day or you've done something you shouldn't do. you can always talk to the dog. the dog wo't judge you. still love you. they need some connection. >> reporter: in these classroom, there is no suc thing as-stick your nose where it doesn't belong. sometime all you need is love and support and someone to lend a friendly paw to make it through t day. >> man's best friend becomes one of man's best teacher's aides. the children also read aloud to the dogs. absenteeism is dwn where those classroom where the dogs are. >> be sure to watch our education nation reports all next week on news4 at 5:00 and "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >> that's news4 at 5:00. news4 at 6:00 starts right now.
5:59 pm
we're keeping a ose watch on storms popping up all over o region tonight. >> a navy seal from maryland, one of the nine americans killed in a helicopter crash in afghanistan. laaker face off with egg farl here's have been linked to a salmonella outbreak. >> it broke out at a townhouse in lorton, virginia. by the time the flames were out, that mother had died along with two of her young children. most of the morning heavy smoke was billowing out of the roof on hagel circle. >> reporter: neighbors say it began about 8:30 this morning. they heard a series of pping noise that's sounded to some like gun fire. that brought them outside where they saw smoke and flame.

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